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We are a small farm in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. For the last eight years, we have been trying our hand at beekeeping. We have grown our apiary to around 60 hives. We are lucky to be in an area with mostly pasture, meadows, wetlands, and forests. This creates a unique diversity for pollinators and honeybees. For this reason, we are able to keep our hives healthy and strong. We are very proud to harvest the highest quality pure raw unpasteurized honey.

We have unfortunately sold all of our 2022 honey crop. If the spring weather allows for it we will be taking our next harvest in June of 2023.

Marie Eve and I have been working on formulations to create pleasing soaps and cosmetic products using wax, propolis, honey as well as other high quality ingredients.


We also have Beeswax candles and pure beeswax for sale.

We are now offering gift cards and subscriptions so you can give or receive delicious honey and luxurious beeswax soaps and beauty products all year long!


We are very proud of our line of products.

This small business is allowing us to raise our family and tend our land.

All of the honey we produce is polyfloral honey, also known as wildflower honey. It is derived from the nectar of many types of flowers. In the Eastern Townships during a good year honey bees will collect nectar steadily from May to September, from a large variety of floral sources. We harvest three distinct varieties:

1) Spring time honey is mild and fruity. It is derived from early season flowers such as dandelion and apple trees.

2) Summer honey is fresh and minty. It is derived from the nectar of clover and basswood among others.

3) Autumn honey is warm, spicy and robust. It is derived from late season flowers, especially aster and goldenrod.


High-quality honey can be distinguished by fragrance, taste, and consistency.  

Keeping bees has given me a chance to look at ecosystems through the paradigm of pollinator population sustainability. We try to set up our apiaries and cultivate our land with the well being of the native pollinators in mind. Any products you buy from us will be helping us in our mission to protect not just the honey bees but the native pollinators and the ecosystems that sustain them, in the small ways that we can.


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our website! I hope that you will enjoy our products!

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