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How do I place an order?


​1. If you are located in the Eastern Townships or Montreal we can arrange to deliver your products either to your address or to a pick-up location.

2. If you are outside of our delivery range we ship through Canada post, unfortunately shipping fees will apply.

3. You can also look for our products at your local farmers market, and coming soon to the organics food section of a grocery store near you. We will list our Market dates for 2023 as well as our points of sale for 2023 as soon as they are available.

Payment and Shipping


We accept Interac e transfer, cheques, money orders, and cash. We ship by delivery or by Canada Post standard shipping rates apply. we fulfill orders within Canada. 

Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Our site is SSL secure. Feel free to give us a call or contact us by email to discuss payment options.

Hive Placement


Would you like to have bees on your land? We are presently looking for places to put our hives within 30 minutes of

Georgeville. Having bees on your land has many advantages. It will increase fruit set on orchard fruit as well as berries and drupes. Bees fertilize the land with their defecate as well as their eventual tiny carcasses. Over the course of several seasons bees will create a trend in your pastures and hedgerows towards pollinator friendly plants. The more they are pollinated the more they drop seed and so forth. This in turn creates a healthy abundance for the native pollinators. And perhaps best of all we will pay you 1 lb of Honey per successful colony on your land.  Contact us to work out a partnership agreement!

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