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basswood, (Tilia americana), also called American linden, whitewood, or American basswood, species of linden tree of the hibiscus, or mallow, family (Malvaceae) common to North America. Basswood is found in a vast area of eastern and southeastern North America and centred in the Great Lakes region. A large shade tree, basswood provides wood for beehives, crating, furniture, and excelsior (wood fibres). It is also a popular honeybee tree; basswood honey is pale and of distinctive flavour. Basswood is a large, graceful, deciduous tree, reaching 40 metres (130 feet) in height. The asymmetrical leaves are heart-shaped and coarsely toothed. The fragrant cream-coloured flowers are bisexual and pollinated by insects. The small globular fruits characteristically hang from narrow leafy bracts, which may aid in dispersal.

We have a batch of saplings that will be ready to be shipped as bare root, or potted in containers for farm pick-up.

Basswood Sapling

This product will be available starting in May or June of 2023
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